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EAA Chapter 541 - Sowela Barnstormers, Inc.




(Louisiana Fly-in Series)

EAA Chapter 541, Jefferson Davis Tourist Commission, Jefferson Davis Airport Commission, and the La Dept of Transportation – Aviation Division

Invite You to Our

“Barnstormers’ Air Festival”

Saturday, May 7th

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Jennings Airport (3R7)

Music by the Kadillacs, Food Vendors, Aviation Vendors, Children’s Booth, Static Displays, RC exhibit, Young Eagle Flights, Organized Fly-by’s

Registered Pilot Awards  (visit our EAA Booth!)

“People’s Choice” – Best Showplane

“People’s Choice” – Run-way Favorite

Farthest Distance Flown

Registered Pilot Raffle

Fly-in and be a part of this event! 

Have a warbird for a static display?  Need more information? Looking to volunteer? email



Fellow Aviators:


May 7th will be here before we know it and it’s time for a volunteer update!!   Below is the list from last year.  If you are not on the list and looking for a great fun filled day, we are looking for you.   All registered volunteers receive a T-Shirt and a meal voucher and have lots of fun. 


We have improved the children’s area and I think we have a better Site Plan and better Young Eagles system from last year.  We have not heard from Capt Null and I know the CAP volunteers had a great time last year.  We could sure use them!


If you want to be a part of a great fly-in, a state wide “Air Festival”, now is the time to volunteer.  Don’t be shy!  Call Lenora at 337-278-5144 or email at


Children’s Area                                                                             Car Traffic / Parking

(help make airplanes & safety watch)                                       (collect money & direct parking)

Flo John                                                                                            John Romero

Regg Carter                                                                                      Tina & Darrel Davis

Sherry Hanley                                                                                 (4) people  2 hr each            

Joann Collinger                                                                                


EAA Membership Booth                                                              Volunteer Station

(Register Incoming Pilots, Raffle, Pilot Awards)                       (Radios, Badges, Vouchers, etc.)

Pat Hanley                                                                                       Gayle Jones

Roy Henry                                                                                                    

Scott Pias 

Paul Perron 


Ground Safety                                                                                  Air / Ground Control

Steve Alexander                                                                                Ed Krielow – Air Boss

Terry Robideaux                                                                               Al Habetz, Jr – Grd Control

Tamie McAllister                                                                              Jerry Barnhill – Grd Control

Lenora Krielow                                                                                  Jason Alcina – Plane Parking


Young Eagle Pilots                                                                            Young Eagles Ground

Gelnn Carter                                                                                     Patsy Moore

Jack Mitchell                                                                                     SJ Gomez

Tim Guinn                                                                                          Charles Moore

Ed Martin                                                                                           Cathie Sievers

Clyde Newmiller

Allan Habetz

Keith Wall

Chris Angelle

Frog Schulingkamp

Jeff John

Doug Hollier

Lenora Krielow, President, EAA Chapter 541 Barnstomers




Tuesday 5/18/10...
You might have to register on Snapfish but that's no big deal.  It's easy.

Monday, 5/17/10....

Fellow Aviators:    (I know too many words!)

After taking Sunday to recoup, I’ve finally had a chance to go through some of the boxes.  Looks like we parked over 120 cars and that did not include volunteers.  We had about 37 volunteers and 11 Young Eagle Planes.  In spite of the weather, we were able to fly 27 Young Eagles and we have 21 rain checks.  If you include the volunteers, the exhibitors and the pilots, we estimate about 400 people at our event.  The total number and budget will take a little more time to gather.

When I woke up Saturday morning, it was storming.  I knew I was going to “press on”, but really unsure about the rest.   When we got to the airport both Steve Alexander and Clyde Newmiller were already there, followed by John Romero and Paul Perron.  The entire group began to show and I knew we were going to continue on.    I have to tell you that no one tried to cancel, everyone showed up ready.  You guys are great

I owe so many personal thanks that I don’t know how to start:

For SJ Gomez, thanks for all your help with the forms and emails and for never saying “you should do” and always saying “I’ll do”.  Terry Robideaux, your design for the posters and t-shirts were great!  You are very talented and I’ve received so many compliments on how professional the graphic design was.  Thanks for your patience with me and for all those trips back and forth to Church Point for the t-shirts. 

For the Young Eagles booth (Patsy & Charles Moore, SJ Gomez, Cathie Schreve, Dee O’Quinn), thanks for handling the young ones tears that could not fly and working with their parents.  Thanks for the EAA membership booth (Scott Pias, Paul Perron, Pat Hanley, Terry Robideaux, Evert Cheha), you guys were great handing out all those bags and hanging out with Max Air and those nasty bugs.  Sorry I did not have the banner, I found later buried under EAA stuff. 

This was the “Learn to Fly” day and I want to thank Clyde Newmiller for taking over and Roy Henry for helping him handling that part of the festival.   Extra thanks to Clyde for getting the Kadillacs, they made it such as festival. 

Thanks to the ladies (Flo John, Sherry Hanley, Regg Carter, Charlene Miller) in the children’s area, your participation completed the program of having something for every age.  Those little ones were so cute and I know you guys worked at making it safe.   In the future, I will work on getting all the children’s area and static displays on that side of the hangers. 

The volunteer station (Polly Henry & Gayle Jones) you guys kept a complete list of the volunteers.  The station was a great place for everyone to gather on breaks, if you were able to take one.  It also kept us dry on that last downpour.  Both Polly and Gayle handled that so well I didn’t even have to worry, they handle the press and missing radios, and thank goodness did not open the first aid kit.

And the pilots (Al Habetz, Al Habetz Jr., Jeff John, Tim Guinn, Glenn Carter, Lee Schreve, Keith Wall, Chris Angelle, Jack Mitchell, Ed Martin, Frog Schulingkamp, Joey Williamson), thanks for volunteering your time and your plane expense.  It’s all about the kids!  I know you guys had fun, I only wish I could have joined you.  Just sorry the rain kept us from flying more kids.   

How about ground support (Steve Vaughn, Steve Alexander, Jason Alcina, Brett Rouley) they worked hard handling all the ground issues and the first couple hours were hectic.  I know between Polly and I, we kept them busy with placing signs and handling missing radios.  Special thanks to Tamie McAllister for being by my side holding on to the radios, my cell phone and keeping me from dropping the ball or forgetting what was next.  Thanks to the most unwanted job, the car parking. (John & Marie Romero, Don Chaisson, Tina & Darrell) not only did an outstanding job, they never asked for a break.  They parked over 120 cars.  This event could not have happened without the leadership of handling all those vehicles. 

And last but not least, thanks so much for our “Air Boss” and his assistant “Ground Control”, Ed Krielow and Aaron Habetz.  Without them this event would lack professionalism and safety.  With the rain changing all the plane and car parking, Ed had to rework the entire site map quickly to get things moving.  Just like a Krielow to never even think of quitting.  Both Aaron and Ed kept the RC’s, Ultra-Lights, Young Eagle Planes, helicopters, general traffic, and the Ag planes all safely separated.  Thanks.

I know I have left off a few people and I apologize in advance.  Special thanks goes to the Civil Air Patrol Cadets and their leaders, the “Queens”, Max Trost of Max Air, the exhibitors Avionic Solutions and Landry Areo, the Brownies, Rayne EAA Mr. Ed Moody, the Lake Charles LARC’s, the guys that brought the tractors, the DOTD-Aviation (Tanya & Frog Schulingkamp, Daniel Elsea), the Hampton Inn for giving us great room rates and letting us borrow the towels to dry the golf carts, Riceland Aviation (Dwayne Bebee & Donnie Legros) especially for fixing Tim Guinn’s flat tire, the Jefferson Davis Tourist Commission, the Jeff Davis Airport District #1, the Jeff Davis Landfill Commission, Acadiana Ambulance, the Jeff Davis Fire Department, and most of all EAA and the Young Eagles program . 

OK, so much for the drama.  It took all of these people to have an event like this.  An event, I am proud to be a part of.   I appreciate each one of you and hope you all had a great time.  Again I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.  I hope you all enjoyed sharing your passion for aviation with all the children, parents and other aviation enthusiast.  I trust you see what great things we all can accomplish together.   Attached is the front page of Sunday’s paper and the Lake Charles paper had a couple of pictures.  I’ve forwarded several pictures I took to SJ for the website.  If anyone else took pictures, please SJ or myself some.   Thanks for a wonderful Saturday! 

See you guys later,

Lenora Krielow

Wed, 5/12/10
2 Days until:
Barnstormer's Air Festival     May 15, 2010   10am to 4pm   at the Jennings Airport (3R7) This event is growing by the day, weather permitting the National EAA and our very own qualified volunteer pilots are expecting to give over 100 Young Eagles (age 8-17) an aviation experience.  The Young Eagles program gives a young person a free introductory flight with an on-going "Next Step" program to help them earn their Private Pilot's License.  Come early, your registration requires a parent signature to receive your assigned appointment with one of our pilots.     
Along with the main Young Eagle program we will have organized fly-by's with really cool planes, food vendors, aviation vendors, children activity area with a DOTD-Aviation Division Simulator, and our newest addition to our event will be the "Cadillacs" a local band from Lake Charles will be here.  For all the Non-Young Eagles, we have Max Air Helicopters offering helicopter rides for all ages for a fee.  Come out and enjoy the festival, a $5 per car charge at the gate. 
All Planes flying in, please register at the EAA booth.
Registration will be shared with the Louisiana Fly-in Series
First 50 pilots flying in will receive a specially prepared diddy bag
All Fly-by's need to be coordinated with "Air Boss"
Contact "air-boss" on 122.8 Unicom within 5 miles of airport
Expect to use 122.75 for ground control
Runway 13-31 closed, check for other Notams
Runway 8-26 used for General Aviation Aircraft
Runway 17-35 used for Ultra-lights and Powered Parachutes
Thanks and we are going to have a great time....
See Ya there!
Lenora Krielow
EAA Chapter 541

4/30/10.......15 days till Air Festival!!!
Hello Fellow Aviators,
Good news, the Airport Commission came through with adding the electrical lines for the vendors and matched the Tourist Commission's support.  Ed & I have confirmed most exhibitors and Terry should be at the T-shirt place ordering 150 shirts.  All volunteers get a free T-shirt.  Volunteer station will be at the FBO over by Gulf Air.  Name badges and T-Shirts, will be there along with a first aid kit and refreshments when you check in.
We will have covered tables at each station and 16 young CAP people will be here to support us.  Although we will be able to assign the young CAP people duties, the adults need to stay in charge.  Obviously, the more of our members that are here will mean, less work and more fun!!!!   
We NEED more volunteers.  Take a look at the list below and If you are not on the list, consider giving at least 2 hours to the event.  WE NEED Young Eagles ground support (do not need to be a pilot) and Children's Area and Auto Traffic....Email me and let me know you will be here. If you know of someone that would volunteer, they don't need to be a member to help us. 
Children's Area  (Tanya) Young Eagles  Ground Support
1  Sherry Hanley 1  Patsy Moore
2  Regg Carter 2  SJ Gomez
3  Flo John 3  
4   4  
Airplane Traffic Young Eagles Pilots (50-75 Young Eagles)
1  Ed Krielow 1  Glenn Carter
2  Jeff John 2  Jack Mitchell
3   3  Tim Guinn
4   4  Ed Martin
5  Scott Schumacher
6  Clyde Newmiller
Auto Traffic 7  Allan Habetz
1  Greg Lyons 8  Keith Wall
2  John Romero 9  Chris Angelle
3   10  Frog Schulingkamp
Safety & Grounds EAA Member's Booth
1  Steve Alexander 1  Scott Pias
2  Polly Henry 2  Paul Perron
3  Tamie McAlister 3  Charles Moore
4  Jason Alcina 4  
5   5  
OUTSIDE SUPPORT INCLUDES:  Acadiana Ambulance and Jennings Fire Department and local police if we need them here. 

A note from Port Aggregates in Jennings: 

Port Aggregates, Inc. will be furnishing one of its tents and I will have it set up at the location designated at the Jennings Airport. The tent is 20’ x 30’ and can be used for whatever function is deemed necessary. Thanks


Timothy J. Guinn

Executive Vice President

Port Aggregates, Inc.

314 North Main Street

Jennings, LA. 70546

337-824-ROCK (7625) Office

337-824-7777 Fax

337-884-8709 Cell

April 15, 2010....

Hello Fellow Aviators,

We are having another organization meeting on Saturday APRIL 24 after Breakfast at 9am at the FBO building we have meals.  We need to discuss the site layout and other operational issues.



            Parking Cars  (8 people - 4 morning 4 afternoon)

            Children’s Area  (6 people – each two hours)

            Young Eagle Pilots  (8 pilots)

            Need items for the pilot give-a-way bags. (50 bags)


Volunteers will receive a T-Shirt.  Volunteers under 18 can be part of the Young Eagles program.





Food Vendors: Secured two food vendors and a snow cone vendor.

Aviation Vendors:  Secured two aviation type vendors for displaying avionics and others.

T-Shirts:  Terry has finished the poster and is designing the T-Shirt

Radio Controlled Aircraft:  Michael Rowe with the RC Club in Lake Charles said he thought they were interested in a static display, flying exhibit.  We still need a vendor.

DOTD:  They will bring a simulator for a children area.  We need volunteers, I have a couple people who have stepped up but need more.

Tents / Tables / Chairs:  Polly with the City is helping us by providing some.  Danny Roche’ has a tent and if others have one let me know if you can bring it.

Aircraft Vendor:  I have called around and no luck.  If you know someone, can you call them and see if they want to be here.

Fun Jump:   The EAA chapter insurance will only cover “non-house” type.  I’m thinking “Fun Slide”.  This has not been ordered and I'm going to ask for the Airport Commission to pay.

Military:  I have no takers, does someone know someone they can call?

Music:  Maybe not…

Prop Cards:  Prop Cards should be here soon.

Give away bags:  Southern BQ will provide the bags and a sample.  We need more items to go into the bags.



Young Eagles:  We received supplies for 50 young eagles and for 8 pilots.  We have a Young Eagles banner to put at the table and a lot of EAA materials.  WE NEED PILOTS!  Remember that’s what we do… fly planes…. Where are you?

Organized Fly-by’s:  What makes the airport a cool place to be….really “cool” airplanes.   Let’s call our friends with really cool planes and tell them we want to show them off… Static display and an organized flyby.   Don’t forget… Ultra-lights are really “cool” too!


Posters:  Terry has finished the posters and we need to distribute.  Give me a call or come by at breakfast and pickup a few.

Handwritten Protocol:  It’s a great idea and we need one.  The general public doesn’t know how to behave at our airport. 

Safety Services:  We still need the Fire Department and Ambulance service here.  I’ll take some help in calling them, just let me know you will do that.

Port a Pottys:  Glen working on getting them

Air Boss”:  Ed will be the Air Boss and he has secured the CAP for parking the airplanes.  Steve has two (2) four wheelers.  We will need at least (2) more.

Car and camper parking:  We talked about the “Boy Scouts” and Jack is still trying to secure them.  Greg Lyon, Allen Daigle and John Romero can lead /coordinate. 

Administrative:  EAA insurance notice has been filed.  Lenora will meet with the Airport Commission at the end of April to secure more resources.


Have we forgotten anything?  There are a lot of loose ends and I need help.  If you can  help on that day, it would be appreciated.  Please call or email and let me know you will be there to help.  Again, we will meet on Saturday 24th at the airport building to talk about the site plans and ground control. 


Lenora Krielow


Hello Aviators!!!
Just an update and a request for information.  I meet with the Jefferson Davis Parish Tourist Commission yesterday and they are excited about promoting the airport and general aviation.  So, much they approved our request for $2,000 and again the city is going to provide tents, tables, and chairs. 
The money is to be used for promotion and advertising, and therefore we will need to spend the money on printing the posters, providing T-shirts to the volunteers, newspaper advertising, and maybe we can have T-shirts to give to the pilots that fly-in.  I'll rework the budget.  Anyone has idea's on promotion items?
How are we doing on our committees?
Clyde  - Were you able to ask Trey about the music?  If he can't does he know who could?  Maybe a DJ? 
Scott - Were you able to book the military on that day?  Who is coming?
Danny - What was the name of the person to get the fun jumps from?
Patsy - How many Young Eagle pilot's do you have?  Add Chris Angelle and Allan Habetz   Ralph joined our group last meeting, so I'm sure he would also do it.  How many pilots and how many Young Eagles?  Have you thought anymore about the Airport proto-call.
Glenn - Do you know how much the port-a-potty is going to cost?  I think we are expecting 200 people.  Can we get it booked and a cost?
Terry - Again, great poster!  Any idea's on T-shirts design?  I have someone from the LAAA that can do the shirts, but need a design.  It will also have to have Rosie somewhere on it because the Tourist Commission is paying for it.  Something simple.  I know you are working on a project now, but if possible can we talk on the phone?  If anyone else wants to jump in and help design the T-Shirt, I'm sure Terry would not mind.  278-5144
I've got the food vendors lined up, but need some utilities ran.  I will meet with the airport commission and request.  I still need to book the Ambulance and Fire Dept here for that day.  And, does anyone have an aircraft vendor they know or can give me a business name?  If not, I'll just look up someone on the internet.
Thanks for all your participation.  We didn't have a meeting last week, I'm sorry I was busy with tax season and a few other issues.  This Festival is never far from my mind.... we are going to be proud and have lot's of fun!!  Trust me....  
This is going to be a great Festival... so lets keep up the momentum.... Please let me know what's up and I'll update my project planner.
PS:  I'm going to be looking for volunteers for the children's area.  Regg has stepped up to the plate... as usual.  Anyone else?


MUSIC-provided for short period during the day (DJ or Trey's Band) Clyde Newmiller to let us know.

AIRCRAFT VENDORS-display and/or booths, Lenora Krielow.


RADIO CONTROLLED AIRCRAFT-vendor booth and/or display, Charles Moore.

CHILDREN'S TENT-Volunteers needed to man the tent. (City of Jennings [20x20] and Dan Roche' to provide tents. Danny to also check on Fun Jump for kids.

“FOLLOW ME” VEHICLES-Steve Alexander has two 4-wheelers, need at LEAST 2 more (can be motorcycles) 



In the spirit of the “Learn to Fly” day, Chapter 541will stress Young Eagles and Adult Orientation Flights.  Organized fly-bys will depend on aircraft that fly-in being available for this effort.  A/C owners could be a source of information on their planes for the announcer.  Ultra-Light and Pilot Proficiency activities are a possibility that can be revisited.

AIR BOSS-Ed Krielow

ANNOUNCER (If we get a system)-S.J.

MILITARY AIRCRAFT (Fly-bys)-Scott Pias.

RADIO CONTROLLED AIRCRAFT-air display, Charles Moore.




PILOT WELCOME BAGS-Patsy Moore. Lenora to order "Prop Cards" from EAA (can be included in bags). Suggest a welcome letter with do's and don'ts for pilots, requesting their help in policing public.

CIVIL AIR PATROL-Ed K. will contact and coordinate their efforts.



PROMOTIONS-Radio, TV, Posters, Newspapers, etc. Lenora, S.J., Charles.  Charles-poster design.


SAFETY SERVICES-Steve Alexander, chairman: Facilities inspections for hazards.; S.J.-Marking off restricted areas.   Fire Dept & Ambulance attendance-Lenora.


GATE HANDOUTS-list of do's and don't for the public.

CROWD CONTROL, CAR & CAMPER PARKING-Need volunteers and Greg Lyon, Allen Daigle and John Romero can lead coordinate.  Will need a lot more volunteers and attention as we get closer to the DAY.  Handicapped parking.

EVENT PERMITS, ETC-Lenora is working with Polly Henry with the City of Jennings & the Jeff Davis Tourists Commission.

COMMUNICATIONS (GROUND RADIOS)-Lenora will check with the Tourist Commission and the City of Jennings for a PA system and any radios/chargers they can provide.  We could also check with Kay Communications in Lake Charles for any "Non-profit loaners".  Announcer (If we get a system)-S.J.





People Trolleys-Tractors pulling trailers for kids/old folks/handicapped or flightline tours, transportation to/from Holiday Inn area.  Bus?

Ground marshalling of aircraft: people with safety vests and fluorescent painted wands for directing A/C Ground traffic.

Registration tent

A/C tie-downs

Emergency A/C repair station

Fencing or rope with signs for restricted areas

Other Advisory signs

Calls to Air Logistics, PHI, ERA, the Helicopter flight school in LCH, others?

Reserved seating, Chalet tents

Orange/white checkered flags for "follow me" vehicles

First Aid stations

Hats, pins, or shirts with poster picture on it

Special shirts/Shirt colors for EAA Chapter for that DAY

Specific color vehicle passes (flightline, ramp only, etc.)