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EAA Chapter 541 - Sowela Barnstormers, Inc.



Current  News for our Membership
(Updated often, really!)


Fellow Aviators:


May 7th will be here before we know it and it’s time for a volunteer update!!   Below is the list from last year.  If you are not on the list and looking for a great fun filled day, we are looking for you.   All registered volunteers receive a T-Shirt and a meal voucher and have lots of fun. 


We have improved the children’s area and I think we have a better Site Plan and better Young Eagles system from last year.  We have not heard from Capt Null and I know the CAP volunteers had a great time last year.  We could sure use them!


If you want to be a part of a great fly-in, a state wide “Air Festival”, now is the time to volunteer.  Don’t be shy!  Call Lenora at 337-278-5144 or email at


Children’s Area                                                                             Car Traffic / Parking

(help make airplanes & safety watch)                                       (collect money & direct parking)

Flo John                                                                                            John Romero

Regg Carter                                                                                      Tina & Darrel Davis

Sherry Hanley                                                                                 (4) people  2 hr each            

Joann Collinger                                                                                


EAA Membership Booth                                                              Volunteer Station

(Register Incoming Pilots, Raffle, Pilot Awards)                       (Radios, Badges, Vouchers, etc.)

Pat Hanley                                                                                       Gayle Jones

Roy Henry                                                                                                    

Scott Pias 

Paul Perron 


Ground Safety                                                                                  Air / Ground Control

Steve Alexander                                                                                Ed Krielow – Air Boss

Terry Robideaux                                                                               Al Habetz, Jr – Grd Control

Tamie McAllister                                                                              Jerry Barnhill – Grd Control

Lenora Krielow                                                                                  Jason Alcina – Plane Parking


Young Eagle Pilots                                                                            Young Eagles Ground

Gelnn Carter                                                                                     Patsy Moore

Jack Mitchell                                                                                     SJ Gomez

Tim Guinn                                                                                          Charles Moore

Ed Martin                                                                                           Cathie Sievers

Clyde Newmiller

Allan Habetz

Keith Wall

Chris Angelle

Frog Schulingkamp

Jeff John

Doug Hollier

Lenora Krielow, President, EAA Chapter 541 Barnstomers

    The following is a message from the President of the Chapter:

Fellow Aviators

 Don’t forget about the EAA Chapter 541 Holiday Lunch Meeting this Saturday (December 4) at noon.  Desserts are welcome.  If you have a nomination or wish to volunteer for a position, let me know.  We will hold elections for the New Year and outline our upcoming year.    See you at noon at the FBO by Gulf Air.  

 PASS THIS AROUND ---- I’m not planning on “Snail” mailing an invite. 


11-11-10  Thursday, Veterans Day
Hello fellow Aviators,
  It has been a while since our last communication.  I hope your summer went well.   
  First, some news from Big Brother regarding aircraft registration.  Aircraft Re-registration - AIRCRAFT MUST RE-REGISTER - If Issued Registration Before October 1, 2010.  The Re-Registration and Renewal of Aircraft Registration rule went into effect on October 1, 2010. Aircraft registrations issued on or after this date will expire after three years when they may be renewed. Aircraft registered before October 1, 2010, are required to re-register during the next three years according to the schedule provided in 14 CFR Part 47.40. Reminder notices will be sent using the address of record, make sure your address is up to date.  The first group of aircraft to be re-registered are those aircraft that have a current registration issue date during the month of March, from all years. Application for re-registration of these aircraft should be made between November 1, 2010, and January 31, 2011. Making an early application will ensure the new certificate of registration can be delivered before the old certificate expires on March 31, 2011.  More information about these and other changes can be found at   Questions may be directed toll free to 866-762-9434.
  Second,  the chapter has been active and has some future plans.  Here's a copy of the email you should have gotten from President Lenora around Oct. 10th:

Fellow Aviators,

 We had a great time Saturday morning.  Just in case you missed it, we flew (31) thirty-one Young Eagles from 9am to noon.  And the best part, they were all single front seat rides!!!  You guys did great and the parents were so thankful.    Ground support did an excellent job getting the kids ready to load as the planes landed.   Our chapter has the best pilots!!   They kids had a great time too!  

Thanks so much for our six pilots that gave their time and plane to help out:  Chris Angelle, Al Habetz, Clyde Newmiller, Glenn Carter, Jack Mitchell, and Jeff John.  And of course we could not have done anything without ground support.   Greg Lyons and Patsy helped with the registration and David Johnson took the photos.  As always,  John Romero and Paul Perron was also there to help out and cover the booth.  We can’t forget Ed and Al for managing the planes and keeping the activity safe.   

I worked just a little on setting up a facebook page with some pictures.  I’m really new to this.  If you copy and paste this link, , you should be able to see the page and photos.  I’ll work on a username to access it better.   Thanks David, the pics were great!   

Our next event will be the fly-out to the Patterson museum on Saturday November 6.  I have a few contacts about getting us a ride from the airport to the museum and also about a luncheon before we head back to Jennings.   Let me know if that’s not a good date, but I think we can work with it.  I’ll get back to you guys for a head count.   We will also have a roster of available plane seats for those that want to ride together.   

See you all at breakfast next Saturday… 

Thanks again,


Regarding the Nov 6 trip the Pres. added this update around Oct 19th:

Fellow Aviators,

 We have one major conflict for the previous Nov 6 trip to Patterson and that is the DeRidder fly-in.  See below: Saturday, Nov 6, 2010 Beauregard Regional Airport (DRI), 1220 1st Ave, DeRidder, LA 70634.  Louisiana Fly-in Series event No. 11 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Warbirds include 0-1 Bird Dog, P-17 Stearmans,P-40N Warhawk, P-51 Mustang, & F4U Corsairs... Classic Car Show, Motorcycles, Aviation Career & Suppplier Exhibitors, Pilot Forums, FAASTEAM Safety Seminar “Human Factor in Aviation”.  Last event in the Louisiana Fly-in Series.Young Eagle Flight Training and Rides. Overnite Airport camping available. SHOW SPECIAL Receive $50 off each Instrument Certification from Sparrow Inspections LLC. Also disc. ELTs. Food...Prizes...$2.00 Gate kids 12 & under get in free Contact: Sharon Hyde Beltz Phone: 337 238 1024,

 We will re-schedule our “fly-out” trip for the following Saturday November 13.    According to Jim’s schedule, nothing major is posted on his calendar for that Saturday.   Please put this date on your calendar and I will send you all an agenda.  My idea is for us to meet in Jennings and fly as a caravan down to KPTN (Harry P Williams Memorial) airport.  Those that want to ride with others, we can get that arranged.   Once we get to the Patterson airport, we will ride a shuttle to the Wedell-Williams Memorial Aviation Museum.  I’ll arrange for someone to be there and give us a tour.  There is a place to eat lunch and I’ll get with them and obtain a menu in advance.  The Museum is excited about our visit and I know we will have a great time… who else better to share the aviation museum with than our fellow aviators…..     

 Thanks,                                                                                                 Lenora Krielow 

Then she sent this update on Nov 8th:

Fellow Aviators,

It is getting close to the flyout…this coming weekend.    If the weather is bad we will postpone until another weekend.   Assuming the weather is great, please let me know if you will be able to attend.   As we get closer to the end of the week, we will know what the weather will be and can reserve the clubhouse room for just us.  Also pass this on to anyone that may be interested in flying down there with us.   


 EAA Chapter 541 FLY-OUT

WHEN:  Saturday Nov 13 (this coming Saturday) 9am

WHERE:  Louisiana State Museum (Aviation and Cypress Sawmill Museum

LOCATION:  KPTN (Harry P Williams Memorial

If possible, please email me if you are planning on attending.  Remember, visiting an aviation museum is always more interesting with your aviation friends.

The Wedell-Williams Aviation Collection focuses on the legacy of Louisiana aviation pioneers Jimmie Wedell and Harry Williams who formed an air service in Patterson in the 1928.

 FLIGHT PLAN:  Meet in Jennings 3R7 and leave around 9am.  Ken Perry with Perry’s Flying Service will provide a courtesy SUV and we will travel to the museum together.

For those that wish to stay for lunch at the Golf Clubhouse next door, we can use the SUV to drive there.  Or, someone will bring you back to the airport.

Below is a short menu of sandwiches available at the Clubhouse.        They also have a full menu available.                                                       Sandwiches:  All sandwiches and hot dogs are fully dressed. Add cheese .75, grilled onions .75, half sliced avocado 2.25, bacon 1.00, chili .75, or jalapeņo .50

Homemade Hamburger 5.95        Fried Shrimp or Catfish Sandwich 8.95 Chicken Salad Sandwich 4.15     Shrimp Salad Sandwich 5.95               Grilled Chicken Sandwich 5.50   Sliced Prime Rib eye Sandwich 11.95 Bar-B-Q Pulled Pork Sandwich 6.95   Turkey, Ham, or Roast beef Sandwich 4.25      Clubhouse Club 7.50    B.L.T. 3.50    Tuna Salad Sandwich 4.15  


Sunday, July 25, 2010
A message from the Prez:
Fellow Aviators,
I hope all is going well for you this summer.  I've taken out the plane a few times and it's just too hot out there.  I'm looking for cooler weather before we do another event.  The next scheduled event is a fly-out sometimes in September/October and I will forward more information as I can get the details together.  It's just too hot to do much unless it's early morning.
Jim Riviere has already requested dates for the 2011 State-wide fly-ins and after researching dates May 7 appears to be a fairly historic dry day.  At least that's what the Almanac says, thank you Brad for the suggestion.  Others so far requesting dates are April 16 Slidell and April 8-10 Pineville.  If we can get May 7 with Jim' series and most of you have no problems with it, we will stick to that date.
The JD Tourist Commission and the Airport Commission have already made verbal commitments to financially support us.  Which is great news because to put on a state-wide event we need seed money.  Because of last year's weather, we didn't make much from vendors but had a great time.   Next year will be much better.  Wouldn't it be nice to have funds to send a Young Eagle to EAA Air Academy for summer camp?  That would be a worthy goal for us.
Let me know any good news and if you are going to Oshkosh, be sure to look for me!
See Ya Soon,
Lenora Krielow
Here's a website that I recently found that has some interesting aviation links.  Feel free to explore.  There are videos of the Gooney Bird (C-47/DC3) on EDO floats, the water-skiing T-6 formation, the freaky cool Lucy THM (click on Lucy), and others!!!!  The following link to click on gets you to the site's article and pictures with videos of Kyle Franklin and his Waco "Mystery Ship" as he tears it down after every airshow to trailer it to their next performance site.  Quite interesting and educational!!  The Franklin's Waco 'Mystery Ship': Tear Down And In The Trailer! (50 Pix)  The other links can be found on the left side of the web page farther down from the top with picture links.  Enjoy!  Hope to see everyone soon.

Tuesday, June 22....
  I tried to update this E-newsletter a few days ago but the system was down.  Oh, well!  Here goes again.

The Federal Communications Commission took the general aviation world by surprise when it said in a recent report it will prohibit the sale or use of 121.5 MHz emergency locator transmitters, effective in August. The Aircraft Electronics Association said it just learned of the new rule today (6/21), and has begun working with the FAA, FCC and others to allow for timely compliance without grounding thousands of general aviation aircraft. The 121.5 ELTs are allowed under FAA rules. The FCC said its rules have been amended to "prohibit further certification, manufacture, importation, sale or use of 121.5 MHz ELTs." The FCC says that if the 121.5 units are no longer available, aircraft owners and operators will "migrate" to the newer 406.0-406.1 MHz ELTs, which are monitored by satellite, while the 121.5 frequency is not. "Were we to permit continued marketing and use of 121.5 MHz ELTs ... it would engender the risk that aircraft owners and operators would mistakenly rely on those ELTs for the relay of distress alerts," the FCC says. AOPA said it is opposed to the rule change.

"The FCC is making a regulatory change that would impose an extra cost on GA operators, without properly communicating with the industry or understanding the implications of its action," said AOPA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Rob Hackman. "There is no FAA requirement to replace 121.5 MHz units with 406 MHz technology. When two government agencies don't coordinate, GA can suffer." The AEA said dealers should refrain from selling any new 121.5 MHz ELTs "until further understanding of this new prohibition can be understood and a realistic timeline for transition can be established."

In other news, New For Young Eagles -- Free First Lesson - From

More than 1.5 million youngsters around the world have enjoyed their first flight in a general aviation aircraft thanks to EAA's Young Eagles program, and now they'll have an opportunity to earn a free first flying lesson as well. EAA announced the new program on Monday. "With the addition of the First Flight Lesson, we continue to build on the enthusiasm shown by these Young Eagles and help them continue their journey toward a certificate," said Jeff Skiles, Young Eagles co-chairman. To qualify for the lesson, a Young Eagle must be at least 14, complete Part 1 of Sporty's online Pilot Training Course, which is available free to all Young Eagles, and submit a parental consent form. Once those criteria are met, EAA will issue a voucher that can be redeemed at a local flight school of the participant's choice.

Free access to the Sporty's online course was announced last year, and already more than 3,000 Young Eagles have enrolled and several have taken their flight test and earned a pilot certificate. "Through the EAA Flight Plan, we are working to eliminate barriers that may stand between a Young Eagle and the cockpit," Skiles said. "The First Flight Lesson provides a Young Eagle with actual flight training experience and makes real the lessons they have been learning through the online training course." More info about the lessons can be found here, and more info for flight schools who would like to participate in the program is posted here. EAA will reimburse each school $120 for each student.

Tuesday, May 18........
  Go to the Barnstormers Air Festival link at the top of this page for a report on the event and a link to some pictures.  S.J.

May 13..
  If you are reading this before May 15 you still have time to make the Barnstormers Air Festival and Learn To Fly Day in Jennings. (Click on the link at the top of the page).  If you are reading this after May 15th...WE SHORE HAD FUN & YOU SHUDDA BEEN THERE! 

April 15, 2010....             Tax did everyone turn out?
Everyone should have gotten this message from President  Lenora in an email but here it is again:

Hello Fellow Aviators,

We are having another organization meeting on Saturday APRIL 24 after Breakfast at 9am at the FBO building we have meals.  We need to discuss the site layout and other operational issues.



            Parking Cars  (8 people - 4 morning 4 afternoon)

            Children’s Area  (6 people – each two hours)

            Young Eagle Pilots  (8 pilots)

            Need items for the pilot give-a-way bags. (50 bags)


Volunteers will receive a T-Shirt.  Volunteers under 18 can be part of the Young Eagles program.





Food Vendors: Secured two food vendors and a snow cone vendor.

Aviation Vendors:  Secured two aviation type vendors for displaying avionics and others.

T-Shirts:  Terry has finished the poster and is designing the T-Shirt

Radio Controlled Aircraft:  Michael Rowe with the RC Club in Lake Charles said he thought they were interested in a static display, flying exhibit.  We still need a vendor.

DOTD:  They will bring a simulator for a children area.  We need volunteers, I have a couple people who have stepped up but need more.

Tents / Tables / Chairs:  Polly with the City is helping us by providing some.  Danny Roche’ has a tent and if others have one let me know if you can bring it.

Aircraft Vendor:  I have called around and no luck.  If you know someone, can you call them and see if they want to be here.

Fun Jump:   The EAA chapter insurance will only cover “non-house” type.  I’m thinking “Fun Slide”.  This has not been ordered and I'm going to ask for the Airport Commission to pay.

Military:  I have no takers, does someone know someone they can call?

Music:  Maybe not…

Prop Cards:  Prop Cards should be here soon.

Give away bags:  Southern BQ will provide the bags and a sample.  We need more items to go into the bags.



Young Eagles:  We received supplies for 50 young eagles and for 8 pilots.  We have a Young Eagles banner to put at the table and a lot of EAA materials.  WE NEED PILOTS!  Remember that’s what we do… fly planes…. Where are you?

Organized Fly-by’s:  What makes the airport a cool place to be….really “cool” airplanes.   Let’s call our friends with really cool planes and tell them we want to show them off… Static display and an organized flyby.   Don’t forget… Ultra-lights are really “cool” too!


Posters:  Terry has finished the posters and we need to distribute.  Give me a call or come by at breakfast and pickup a few.

Handwritten Protocol:  It’s a great idea and we need one.  The general public doesn’t know how to behave at our airport. 

Safety Services:  We still need the Fire Department and Ambulance service here.  I’ll take some help in calling them, just let me know you will do that.

Port a Pottys:  Glen working on getting them

Air Boss”:  Ed will be the Air Boss and he has secured the CAP for parking the airplanes.  Steve has two (2) four wheelers.  We will need at least (2) more.

Car and camper parking:  We talked about the “Boy Scouts” and Jack is still trying to secure them.  Greg Lyon, Allen Daigle and John Romero can lead /coordinate. 

Administrative:  EAA insurance notice has been filed.  Lenora will meet with the Airport Commission at the end of April to secure more resources.


Have we forgotten anything?  There are a lot of loose ends and I need help.  If you can  help on that day, it would be appreciated.  Please call or email and let me know you will be there to help.  Again, we will meet on Saturday 24th at the airport building to talk about the site plans and ground control. 


Lenora Krielow



Monday 4/5/10...
Hello Fellow Aviators,
With sadness I bring you news of our loss, Joe passed to a better world Sunday night.  There will be a memorial service on Saturday at 2pm at the Jennings Catholic church, Our Lady Help of Christian Catholic Church located at 710 N. State Street. 
Lenora Krielow

In Loving Memory of


Joseph L. Faulk

(September 1, 1931 - April 4, 2010)

  Attached below are pic's from the leadership academy held at Oshkosh at which President Lenora Krielow attended in Mid-March.  She said, "It was a marathon of learning and meeting people. I was exhausted.  During breaks we were able to meet Paul and go through the museum and also the Sonix building that hangers the B-17." 
  I'm sure the chapter will benefit and grow with the information Lenora gathered from Headquarters.  Let's give her our support.

Paul & Audrey Poberezny @ Headquarters

A cutaway look @ an ME109

In the right seat of the EAA Museum's B-25

Out of the left seat B-25 pilot's window

The B-17 waist gunner's position, port side.

Check out the update for the Barnstormer's Air Festival sent by President Lenora.  Hint: Click the tab at the top of the page.


  Pilots who have not yet traded in their paper pilot certificates have until March 31, 2010, when the paper certificates expire. If you’re still using paper, do not delay. Pilots can no longer exercise the privileges of their paper pilot certificates after the March 31 deadline. Student certificates are not affected. Certain non-pilot certificates (those issued under 14 CFR part 63 and part 65) are still valid for three more years - until March 31, 2013 - before they need to be replaced.

  Renewing a certificate can be done online or through the mail, and instructions can be found at: .   Requesting a replacement certificate online requires creating an account with Airman Certification Online Services, which only takes a few minutes. Being registered is a good idea since it can help later with future, quicker processing of an address change or a replacement certificate request.

  To process a request by mail, fill out and send in Form 8060-56 (10/09)-see above link-along with a $2 replacement fee. Make your check payable to FAA. New certificates will take four to six weeks to arrive with mail processing and seven to ten days for online processing.

  Keep your certificate active.  Get your plastic license today.


ON ANOTHER NOTE:  Previous to this deadline you could request to have your social security number removed and have a new number issued for your pilots' license at no cost.  However, be careful when requesting the new plastic pilot license online.  DO NOT request a removal of Social Security number as the first item and also request replacement of your certificate to update to the new plastic certificate at the same time. The FAA web site cannot process two requests at the same time (social security & license update). If you apply for both at the same time (remove SSN & apply for an update), the update would not process as "certificates are only issued every 120 days". Your paper license expires on 3/31/2010.  You could submit a Request for Change of Certificate Number form in regular mail (form found here: and receive your number change at no charge; and a plastic license in the same request.  That form is #8060-67 (10/09) and is NOT the top form above.  Keep in mind that a request generates a new license on date of request as received by the FAA.   If you do not have a plastic license by the end of March your paper certificate becomes invalid and you will not be able to legally fly.



2/27/10..  A nice cool but not cold day in Jennings with a good turnout of members and we acquired a new member and had renewals for a few returning members.  Quite a few aircraft flew in and did fly-bys on departure.  Lenora and crew cooked a mean batch of catifsh and the side items were plentiful.  No real planning on the Fly-in or other business conducted but member Terry Robideaux brought the proof of the poster.  Looks great!  Sorry we missed those of you who could not make it.  We hope to see you next time.  More on the fly-in planning later.

2/19/10   by Jeff Schweitzer Marine Biologist &Former Clinton Science Advisor

Airplanes Don't Kill People, People Do

At the very moment crazed kamikaze pilot Joseph Stack plowed his airplane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas, propaganda machinery in suspended animation instantly sprang back to life to lament the danger of small airplanes. Hysterical comparisons to 9/11 were immediately bandied about by pundits and politicians. With knowing glances exchanged between talking heads, a cry went out that personal airplanes were dangerous, don't you know. Like Schwarzenegger's cyborg in The Terminator, nothing can kill this beast of misinformation and misunderstanding. But I nevertheless intend to act the role of John Connor and fight the machine.

People fear what they do not know, and the inner workings of aviation certainly are mysterious to all but pilots. So a terrible event like what happened in Austin brings forth fearful cries to restrict personal flying, known broadly as "general aviation" or "GA" for short. That initial response is understandable, but terribly misguided. The best way to counter the many misperceptions about flying is to bring to light the true benefits of general aviation, which should help dampen any future impulse to place restrictions on private and corporate airplanes. So here are just a few of GA's many positive contributions to society to consider.

• After the Haiti earthquake, more than 40% of all relief flights were GA. In addition, GA flights were able to get into small airports, grass strips and even roads, which were inaccessible to larger airplanes.

• The United States has more than 230,000 private airplanes that operate out of 20,000 public- and private-use airports. Compare that to the 565 large airports available to the airlines. To put this in perspective, small airplanes fly 166 million passengers every year, making GA effectively the nation's largest airline.

• Then take those facts and consider where American businesses would be if GA were not available to transport people and goods to every corner of the country. Community airfields provide local access to the entire country: "a mile of highway gets you one mile, but a mile of runway can take you anywhere."

• Small aircraft are used by farmers and ranchers to such an extent that without GA crop yields would drop 50% or more. And without GA, high value crops would not be brought to market except to a narrow geographic range around the producing farm.

• Without GA we would not have Medevac flights, volunteer transportation for cancer and burn victims. Organ transplants would be virtually impossible without GA, which is used to transport recently harvested organs to patients around the country in most need.

• Our entire power grid would never be built, and would collapse today, without GA. Power lines and transmission towers are built using helicopters, and airplanes are used to constantly monitor the multiple thousands of miles of power lines.

We all need to take a collective deep breath, and exhale slowly. Next count to ten, slowly, backwards. Then repeat. Yes, the attack in Austin is terrible. The loss of life is tragic. The trauma experienced by survivors in the building will be with them a long time. But none of those sad realities has anything to do with flying. Stack could have easily used his car as a weapon, or walked in with a bomb strapped to his chest. Blaming general aviation confuses cause and effect, like blaming a beating victim for pushing his face into the perpetrator's fist. As with any object, device or other mode of transportation, aviation in the wrong hands can be used to cause harm. The solution does not lie in placing more useless restrictions on private and corporate aircraft, or instituting new security measures at some airports that do nothing but cause inconvenience without providing any reduction in risk. The solution is to prevent the attacks to the extent possible using good intelligence, old-fashioned police work and effective interagency cooperation. We also must not pretend that we can always stop a suicidal madman from wrecking havoc no matter what actions we take.

Oddly, often the loudest calls to restrict general aviation come from conservatives who wish to wear the mantle of national security. But that really is counter to core conservative beliefs of less government, less regulation, and more reliance on the private sector. Even stranger is the call to restrict GA from conservatives who are also members of the NRA. Anybody who belongs to the NRA and defends the use of handguns, rifles or automatic weapons after a public shooting or school massacre should remain mum. If you believe that guns do not kill people, people do, you have nothing to say about airplanes being used as weapons. As with guns, airplanes certainly do not kill people. If you subscribe to the NRA philosophy, you have lost all rights to suggest that we should place any restrictions on airplanes. So all the NRA members can go to their corner and be quiet.

For all others, if you believe that airplane use should be subject to further security measures, ask yourself the following question. After a car bomb goes off, do you immediately call for restricting the use of automobiles and trucks? Of course not because that would make no sense. Nor does the call to restrict private aviation, for the very same reasons.

No matter the fearful urge, restricting personal aircraft is completely impractical even if the goal was desirable. Whatever restrictions are put in place, most pilots are going to go through the regulatory hoops and fly. A pilot properly certified and with appropriate security clearances could still take his airplane and smash into a building. No new security measures would stop that. Or somebody who did not pass muster could simply break into an airport, steal a plane, and fly into a building. Or the thousands of dirt air strips on farms and ranches could be used as a launching point, and no enhanced security at public airports will ever address that issue. As long as airplanes exist, these scenarios will always be possible. The only way to prevent the possibility of an airplane being used as a weapon is to ground all aircraft, every single one. And that is not going to happen anymore than we'll see all cars and trucks taken off the road after one is used to blow up a building.

So as we mourn the losses from the recent attack in Austin, let us also keep a healthy perspective. General aviation is the lifeblood of this country's economy. Calling for more restrictions on the freedom to fly simply makes no sense. While the misuse of an airplane will always remain a possibility, the extraordinary benefits of general aviation vastly outweigh any potential harm. A lone madman should not deter us from maximizing the advantages of aviation to business, agriculture, energy, transportation, medicine, ecosystems management and virtually every major component of the American economy.


Chapter 541 Barnstormers

Meeting 02.06.2010


Present:  Lenora Krielow, Allen Daigle, Clyde Newmiller, Gregory Lyon, John Romero, Glenn Carter, Charles Moore, Patsy Moore, Daniel Roche’, Steve Alexander, Scott J. Pias, S.J. Gomez


At the meeting held at Riceland Aviation pilot lounge, we discussed the upcoming May 15 State-Wide Fly-in.  The follow topics were discussed:


Name of the event will be “Barnstormers’ Air Festival”



Music will be provided for a short period during the day.  As to whether we will hire a D.J. or if Trey’s band could play is still in the works.  Clyde will let us know.   Scott Pias will contact the military and get a confirmation of an aircraft presence.  If any are able to do a demonstration or flyby that would be great.  Charles Moore will be helping us find a Radio Controlled Aircraft  vendor to man a booth and put on a possible RC exhibit.   Since they will put on a show, we should not ask for a booth fee.  Patsy will be working on creating some type of give away bag for all pilots flying in.  Lenora will work with the list of professional food providers and gather information.  Lenora will also order prop cards for the aircraft as they register their planes.  The DOTD will be bringing their simulator and we will need to find the volunteers to main the children’s tent.  The City of Jennings will provide a 20X20 tent and Daniel Roche’ will also provide a tent.  Danny will also call about a Fun Jump that he believes Pat Hanley has connections.   A few suggested we find some aircraft vendors that may want to display and have a booth, Lenora will research and make request.



We had several conversations about different air activities.  We decided since the fly-in would become a public majority, less effort t should be spent on air activities.  In the spirit of the “Learn to Fly” day, the chapter would stress Young Eagles and Adult Orientation Flights.  The Chapter also decided as a whole, they would try to get as many really “cool” airplanes in the airport and organize a flyby at that time.  After a time schedule has been prepared, we can revisit the Ultra-Light and Pilot Proficiency activities.



Lenora and S.J. will work together to promote the festival.  Charles will lead the charge on designing the poster.  Steve Alexander will head the safety services, including the inspection of the facilities for obvious safety hazards.  Lenora will ask the Fire Department and have an Ambulance stand by during the event.  I believe I heard Glenn Carter say he was going to be in charge of locating port a potty’s.  S.J. will be in charge of locating the restricted areas and will need help securing restricted areas.  Since Steve Alexander is heading Safety, SJ and Steve may want to work together on this.  Patsy suggested a handwritten protocol to pass out at the gate.  This should say things like “do not climb on aircraft”.  Looks like Patsy has volunteered to draft one for the group.  Since Ed Krielow was the “Air Boss” for the 2003 festival, he was volunteered to serve this year.  We will also need a “Follow Me” vehicle and Steve has two (2) four wheelers.  We will need at least (2) more.  Ed will contact Jennings Civil Air Patrol and ask what they could provide in the way of volunteers and a booth or demo.  Car and camper parking is another area that needs attention.  We did not spend much time talking about it and Greg Lyon, Allen Daigle and John Romero can lead coordinate.  This is part of the crowd control that will need a lot of attention and more volunteers as we get closer to event day.  When we get an event plan layout, we can meet about this area.  We are working with Polly Henry with the City of Jennings; she will be available to ensure that all government permits are in place.  Lenora will check with the Tourist Commission and the City of Jennings for a PA system and any radios / chargers they can provide.  We will also need a cell phone list of all leaders for the field contacts.  Lenora will handle the administrative work such as EAA event notice and a budget that the Tourist Commission will need to help funding.


We accomplished a lot in a little time.  Talk is great, but we need follow through.  SJ has volunteered to handle the leader’s communications through the website.  This will help keep everyone informed and no duplication of efforts.  Just send him an email when you want to share information with the group.


We have roughly 70 pilots on our master rooster.  That is a huge volunteer pool of people and their spouses.  This is going to be a great fly-in and a lot of fun.


Thanks to all

Lenora Krielow


  We had a great Fly-In meeting in Jennings.  Everyone will be getting their assignments a little later.  We will post a page with the assignments and update them as I get the information.  Lenora sent me our other monthly schedule information which has been posted on the calendar.  She sent along this:




National Museum of Pacific War

            Admiral Nimitz Museum

            Fredericksburg, TX

Re-enactment performance:  July 3-4, September 4-5, October 2-3


Regional Military Museum

            Houma, LA

Museum displays:  Norden bombsight, aerial cameras, parachutes, target drone, model airplanes, C47 engines, a WWII “buzz bomb” pulse jet engine, a Link trainer.  The Eisenhower airplane is the most recent addition.


Lone Star Museum 

            Galveston, TX

            No scheduled air show for 2010

            Museum still under repair





According to Jim Riviere, we have 10 state-wide flyins signed up.  Pineville will of course have their 2 and New Iberia is having an airshow the first part of May.   May 15 is EAA's national "Learn to Fly" day and we are good to go!   Don't forget the leadership meeting Saturday after breakfast at the Jennings Airport.  If you've seen something you liked at another fly-in, bring the idea.  We want this to be a success for Chapter 541 and for general aviation.  


Pineville Spring is April 9-11
Reserve is April 24 
New Iberia is May 1-2
Vidalia is May 8
Jennings is May 15
Farmerville is Sept. 11
Pineville Fall is October 8-10
Houma is October 16 
Tallulah is October 30
DeRidder is November 6

Lenora Krielow


2/3/10  Though this is not the platform for politics, the information is being forwarded in the interest of Louisiana and Aviation:

Dear  Friends,

This week President Obama announced his intention to  terminate NASA’s Constellation Program intended to replace the space shuttle.  The president’s budget calls for NASA to instead rely solely on so-called “commercial”  space launch systems to take our astronauts into space.

Besides being bad for our nation’s space program, the president’s decision is particularly bad for  Louisiana and the dedicated workers at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans  who have been so integral to NASA since the days of the Apollo Program.   If Constellation is completely abandoned as the president  wishes, the effect on Michoud’s employees and the local economy would be  disastrous.

This decision would effectively end 50 years of NASA’s  pioneering achievements in human space flight and exploration, as well as the  United States’ position as the world’s leader in space exploration.  To  date no “commercial” provider has even launched a test flight, and there is no  firm estimate on when a safe human-rated commercial launch system may be  available – perhaps not until the end of this decade – leaving the United  States without the ability to launch astronauts into space for several years.

But I am prepared to fight the president’s decision and to fight for the continuance of a  robust space program for our nation and for the jobs of the workers at Michoud  and other NASA centers around the country that will be negatively impacted by  this decision.  I and several of my colleagues are preparing to introduce  legislation that would continue and accelerate Constellation’s development and  extend the life of the space shuttle until the Constellation systems are ready  to replace it.

Rest assured I will continue to fight to save America’s  space program from taking a giant leap backward and that I will always fight to  protect the livelihoods of the hard-working people at Michoud, Stennis, and the  other NASA facilities who make our space program the pride of our nation.


David Vitter
U.S.  Senator


2/1/10  ALERT: Please see attached on Suspicious Activity of Helicopter Leasing Facilities that has happened within the last week.  Click HERE to read the document!
1/29/2010  (This message is from Louisiana EAA Fly-In coordinator Jim Riviere) 
Hi Gang,

The survey results are in and there will be a Louisiana EAA Fly-in Series in 2010.  We had 174 responses which I thought was great and they were overwhelmingly in favor of having the fly-in series again.  What is overwhelmingly?  How about 97.1% of the respondents said to do it again!  You can click on the following link if you want to see the detailed results.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.  We are currently in the process of selecting dates.  The dates that have been selected to this point are on the event calendar.
Jim Riviere
Your Source for Louisiana Aviation Information

Hello Aviators,
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and ready to start 2010.  This is going to be a great year for Barnstormers Chapter 541 as we continue to promote aviation and have fun flying.  To get ready for the upcoming year, we need a leadership meeting. 
Please put on your calendar Saturday February 6 for a leadership meeting at the Jennings airport.  We will start around 10am, after the morning breakfast.  We need to discuss both the Statewide Fly-in and the February Fish-Fry. 
The Statewide Fly-in is scheduled for May.  Since EAA has officially slated May 15 as the national “Learn to Fly” day, May 15, 2010 will be our state-wide fly-in date.  I have already submitted a “Joint Service Agreement” with the Tourist Commission and waiting their approval for a grant.  This will certainly help kick-start our project.
The following will be the agenda for the meeting:
Ground Activities  (possibilities)                                 
            Radio Controlled Aircraft Demonstrations     
            Fun Jump                                                       
            Food (Chapter / Civic Group)                        
            Military Presence                                           
            Plane Viewing / Contest
Air Activities (EAA approved possibilities)
            Young Eagles
            Adult Orientation Flights
            Ultra-Light / LSA Activities
            Pilot Proficiency Events (All Pilots)
            Organized Fly-by’s
Operating Plan’s
            Safety Services
            Administration (permits/airport approvals)
            Airplane Parking (air boss)
            Car Parking
            Camper Parking
            Crowd Management (Portalets, restricted areas)
            Activities List (time/events)
            Setup Plan / Clean-up Plan
Administration (EAA Event notice, budget)
In order to make this a successful event, we need to start planning now.  I have some of the 2003 Centennial of Flight information, but we need your help.  Will you make yourself available February 6 after the morning breakfast at the airport?  We will also discuss briefly the Chapter Fish-Fry which tentatively is scheduled for February 27. 
Lenora Krielow

July 25, 08....
   The lucky members and friends should be in Wisconsin at this time enjoying Airventure 08.  For those of you who remain behind, like me, we will have to read or view the event by some other means.  At least our hearts and minds are there and we hope everyone who actually made it there will enjoy as much as they can absorb.
  I recently received an email from Jim Riviere, the state EAA coordinator:

Jim, I am Roy Beltz of EAA 1356 in Leesville, La.  I’d appreciate your distributing this ad through your network.  I met Mike Swick at Aero Country (T31) in McKinney, Tx.  He is wheelchair bound and unable to finish his dream airplane.  It is a 75% scale Beech Staggerwing with a zero time 9-cylinder radial engine, the same one used on a YAK.  The engine is mounted on the welded and painted fuselage, which is sitting on the gear. The prop is included, but still in the box.  The wings are complete as near as I could tell, and the fuselage, wings, and empennage need covering.  Mike is asking $39,000 and would be able to furnish more details.  Contact Mike at Swick Aircraft, 10010 Champion Lane, Rt-1 Box 203, Aero Country Airport, McKinney, TX 75070  Phone 972 347 2596

Thanks,  Roy

  Sounds like an interesting project in case anyone is looking!

  In other news, the state legislature, in its recent session, presented a number of aviation related items.  Here's a recap and the outcome.

Senate bill SB 102, signed by Gov. as ACT 184-Text found at: 

What it does: increase the maximum amount of Transportation Trust Fund money made available for GA airport grants each year from $200,000 to $300,000. That money can then be used to maintain and improve general aviation and reliever airports, helping to keep them safe.

Senate bill SB 212, signed by Gov. as ACT 686-Text found at:;

What it does: Abolishes the Louisiana Airport Authority and the Louisiana Transportation Center.

House bill HB 1190, signed by Gov. as ACT 326-Text found at:  

What it does: repeals the current requirement to register airctraft in the state, simplifying and reducing the cost of aircraft ownership in Louisiana.  It also eliminates certain other requirements (click on the link).

The boys and girls in Baton Rouge also passed a resolution, SCR (Senate Concurrent Resolution) 65-Text found at:

What it does: Memorializes Congress to provide financial support for the establishment and construction of a general aviation facility in lower Plaquemines Parish (a new airport!!).

Senate bill SB164-Text found at: 

What it does: Changes the name of the Aviation and Military Museum of Louisiana, Inc., to the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum of Louisiana, Inc. It is located in Monroe.

 All in all it seems like the aviation community faired well.


If you went to Oshkosh.....We want a report and pictures when you get back.




JUNE 10.........I just got an email from President Patsy: 
EAA Chapter 541 of Louisiana, Inc. has an event coming up!  We're calling it the Bring-a-friend Fly-In. 

Come and enjoy a great meal, good company, airplanes, and lots of hangar talk!  Bring someone with you!   (Suggestions: Your friend who has expressed an interest, your boss so he'll know why you need a raise, your cousin, your kid, or your mother-in-law!)

Where: Jennings Airport

When: June 28th (last Saturday of the month)

Brisket,rice dressing, and salad.  Lunch served at noon -- $6 a plate.  Please let Patsy know if you would like to bring a dessert (

April 26......7 PM
  Well the get together had some liquid sunshine so not many flyers were out.  We did have a good crowd in spite of the rain.  The food and fellowship was great.  I doubt that the aerobatic guys were doing their thing @ LeGros with the weather in the condition it presented itself.
  We will be starting a snail mail newsletter very soon and mailing them to members homes.  Just another way of keeping in touch.  Any articles can be send to my email address and I will forward them to member Terry Robideaux who will be doing the artwork and pasting together of everything, then the printing.  Patsy will have her comments and we'll try to get as much monthly info to you in advance.  As usual, your comments are always welcome.
  Stay safe and hope you have CAVU,

Last flight of this Lancair! Read the report...
Remember to ALWAYS fly the airplane, First!

April 20, 2008........
   Well, Sun 'N Fun is over.  I spent a little over a week in the sun and even with sun block, I am peeling.  I did spend most of my time marshalling in and directing taxiing aircraft to their intended destinations.  I had a blast.  Volunteering is wonderful and the experience was great for me.  One day, while waving aircraft forward with my bright orange wands, I noticed one of many RV-6As passing by.  The last two letters of the N-number clicked after it had gone by.  NxxxAP belonged to Pete Phillips and the AP stood for his wife Anne.  He had already taxied past my location and I could not get his attention and I'm sure he didn't expect to see me directing traffic.  I looked for him at the RV display a number of times but could never hook up with him.  It would have been nice to visit that far away from home.  The advertised visitor V-22 Osprey never made it to the field.  I guess the weather socked them in.  There was never any announcement as to why they didn't make it, but that's my guess.  All they were supposed to do was arrive and go on static display but that didn't happen.  Oh well, the best laid plans....
   There was an accident on Sunday that took the life of a pilot.  I was not there so I missed that unpleasant sight.  Here is the report from the NTSB:
NTSB Identification: MIA08LA089
14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Sunday, April 13, 2008 in Lakeland, FL
Aircraft: Dayon Thomas Lancair Legacy, registration: N1177M
Injuries: 1 Fatal.

This is preliminary information, subject to change, and may contain errors. Any errors in this report will be corrected when the final report has been completed.

On April 13, 2008, about 1120 eastern daylight time, a Thomas Dayon amateur built Lancair, N1177M, registered to G-KAS Aviation LLC, and operated by a private pilot, collided with the ground shortly after takeoff from runway 27L at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida. The personal flight was operated under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 with no flight plan filed. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The private pilot received fatal injuries. The airplane was substantially damaged by impact and the subsequent post crash fire. The flight was departing at the time of the accident.

According to witnesses, the pilot was observed having difficulty closing the canopy on the airplane prior to takeoff. During the takeoff climb a witness said he saw the cockpit canopy moving and believed the pilot was pushing it up and down about 6 to12 inches. Another witness stated that shortly after takeoff the engine lost power, the airplane continued straight and level and there was no attempt by the pilot to return to the runway. The airplane then nosed down about 40 degrees and the left wing dropped. About 3 to 5 seconds later a plume of smoke was seen coming from behind a tree line.
   The following contains excerpts from an article in the Tampa Tribune: 

The person killed in a small airplane crash late Sunday morning on the final day of the annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-In has been identified, said Polk County sheriff's officials.

Gerard Schkolnik of 129 Pinecrest Circle, Bluffton, S.C., was killed by blunt force trauma when his 2006 single-engine, two-seat Lancair Legacy crashed just west of Lakeland Linder Regional Airport about 11:15 a.m., said sheriff's spokeswoman Carrie Rodgers.

Schkolnik's family told deputies he flew to Lakeland for the annual event and owned the aircraft.

The airplane crashed into a cow pasture near Hamilton Road, according to the sheriff's office, which is investigating along with the Federal Aviation Administration.

FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said the single-engine, two-seat airplane crashed and burst into flames moments after it left Lakeland Linder.

Investigators couldn't say what caused the accident, where the plane was headed or even how many people were onboard. The wreckage -- a husk of twisted, burned steel -- hardly resembled an airplane by the time rescue workers arrived.

Witnesses described an explosion and columns of smoke pouring from the crash site. The flames touched off a brush fire that was contained by firefighters. An acre of pasture burned, but no structures were damaged, Wilder said.

Steven Edwards, who lives near the site of Sunday's crash, said he was trimming trees in his yard when he heard a strange sound. "I didn't know if it was a tree limb I heard cracking or if it was a plane that went down," he said.

When Edwards turned around, he saw the plane on fire.

"There was a big old plume of clouds and black smoke," he said. "By the time I got down here, it had a good section of that pasture out there burned up."

FAA records indicate the aircraft was assembled by Thomas Dayon of West Milford, N.J., in 2006 and manufactured by Lancair International of Redmond, Ore. Lancair manufactures general-aviation aircraft kits.

Not counting Sunday's crash, Lancair Legacy planes have been involved in seven crashes, three fatal, in the past five years, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Records show Dayon was killed in June 2006 in a crash involving a Lancair 360. He sold his Lancair Legacy plane to G-Kas Aviation that year. A phone listing for G-Kas was not immediately available Sunday; efforts to reach the company were unsuccessful.

   I saw the news report on TV and there was not much left of the Lancair.  (View the last photo included).  And, of course, they interviewed the least intelligent local they could find.  His comments questioned whether "..these experimental things are checked and maintained as well as normal aiplanes."  Will the insanity ever be educated?
  The Chapter is planning another Fly in and Cook-out @ Jennings Airport, Saturday, April 26, from 11-2.  Barnstormer burgers and desserts are on the menu.  ALSO, Aerobatic competition will also be underway at the LeGros airport on Saturday.  Visitors are welcome.  ALL pilots flying over to LeGros are asked to use their radios, follow stands traffic procedures, and PLEASE give way to competitors who are landing (they may be low on fuel!)
  That's all I have for now.  If you didn't get your newsletter this past week, contact Charles Moore to see if you have been mistakenly omitted from the mailout list.
CAVU, later...

Emergency responders have little to view!
Don't let this happen to you!

Saturday, April 5, 2008.......
  I received an email saying that the fuel system is back in service @ St. John Parish airport.  The Parish will run the fuel service.  The price is $4.92 per gallon.  Let's all rush over there and fill up!  
   Leaving in the morning for Tampa and the Sun 'N' Fun Fly-In.  My flight is out of Lafayette around 8 AM.  I tried to book a flight out of LCH Regional on Continental but it cost nearly $400 more.  And the powers that be wonder why more people do not fly out of LCH. 
See ya later,

We are always looking for new ideas and topics for the monthly newsletter. If you have an idea or would be interested in writing an article, please let us know.